Ferme du Centaure

At École d’Équitation La Ferme du Centaure, you are in for a truly passionate encounter with a remarkable woman. If you opt for a guided tour, Orphée will graciously show you around the equestrian center’s facilities. Depending on your interests, she will share her professional journey, the growth of the business, how she fosters communication with the horses, and may even treat you to a demonstration with her horse or a short grooming lesson for your young children.

For those more adventurous, the school also offers the extraordinary sensation of horseback riding through riding lessons or vaulting.

At Élevage Le Noir, an equestrian stable boasting a herd of Canadian horses, you’ll find horses available for sale, bridling, and more.

Join us at École d’Équitation La Ferme du Centaure and Élevage Le Noir for an unforgettable equestrian experience! 🐴🌟

Ferme du Centaure
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875 Rang, 1er-et-2e Rang de Baby
Laverlochère Québec
J0Z 2P0

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875 Rang, 1er-et-2e Rang de Baby
Laverlochère Québec
J0Z 2P0

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Mardi au vendredi, 10 h à 20 h, réservation obligatoire
Samedi 10 h à 16 h, réservation obligatoire
Dimanche 10 h à 12 h, réservation obligatoire
Lundi fermé

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Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/user/ElevageLeNoir

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