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Explore the burst of local flavors offered by the 30 enthusiastic agri-food processors and restaurateurs in Témiscamingue!

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Enjoy a peaceful family trip in Témiscamingue and discover a world of adventures and discoveries with every step.

Discover the fascinating history of Témiscamingue and unveil the hidden gems of our cultural heritage

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Témiscamingue area is located in the Far west of the province of Quebec, south to Abitibi area, at the Ontario border and on the shores of the lake Temiscamingue.

Did you know that you could arrive to the Témiscamingue by two roads, starting from Montreal/Quebec ?

  1. By Ontario’s road: Accessible via the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 17), you will cross Ottawa, a few other Ontario towns like Mattawa, and then you will reach us after taking the 533 “A rather winding shortcut”. If you want to avoid the 533, you can go through North Bay.
  2. By the Quebec road: Accessible through La Vérendrye Park by taking Highway 720 West from Montreal, you will discover Abitibi along the way, and you can then make your way to us! FAQ link (detailed instructions on the route to get there)

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