Top 10 Best Winter Activities for 2023 in Témiscamingue

Wondering what to do in Témiscamingue during winter? You won't be short of choices! From December to the end of March, the region transforms into an enormous playground for a variety of winter activities in optimal conditions. Here are several ideas for winter activities for you.

  1. Family sledding

    Arranged by villages and towns, there’s nothing more exciting for kids (and adults, of course) than sliding down long hills of snow in the sunshine. Depending on your location, here are the municipalities that are ready to welcome you for sledding.


Crédit photo Ville de Ville-Marie

  1. Outdoor and Indoor Ice Rinks
    Numerous ice rinks, each as attractive as the other, are at your disposal. You can check the schedule for indoor rinks or visit anytime for the outdoor ones. Well-maintained, come and skate or play hockey.

Outdoor Ice Rinks (open at all times):

  • Laverlochère-Angliers,
  • St-Eugène-de-Guigues,
  • Moffet,
  • Laforce,
  • Latulipe-et-Gaboury,
  • Temiscaming,
  • Lorrainville (opening hours)**

    ** Rental of skates, hockey sticks, and learning aids for children available on-site.

Indoor Ice Rinks :

No equipment ?

  • Some municipalities  rent them
Anneau de glace de Guérin

Crédit photo municipalité de Guérin

  1. Visit Cultural Places

Always fascinating to explore artworks and cultural environments.  A must-visit:

Le Rift (Exhibitions, shows, and cinema)

Salle d'exposition du Rift

Crédit photo Le Rift

  1. Go Snowshoe Hiking
    There are many municipalities that create snowshoe trails. You can easily access them! Have fun! You can rent equipment at the COOP de l’arrière-pays
Sentiers Raquettes Pépinière de Lorrainville

Crédit photo Lysandre Rivard

  1. Explore Cross-Country Ski Trails

Almost identical to those used for snowshoeing, cross-country ski trails are designed for this purpose. Cross-country skiing is becoming an increasingly popular sport. Take a moment to explore these unique trails and the flora that accompanies them.

Sentier de la Bannik Duhamel Ouest

Crédit photo La Bannik

  1. Explore a Real Snowmobiling Playground

    It’s not an exaggeration to boast about the vast and magnificent snowmobiling trails in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region. You can follow various routes and embark on a Ski-Doo trip for the thrill (like a road trip, but with more excitement).

Here’s Map of all trails in Abitibi-Témiscamingue

For all information about Témiscamingue, it’s here

Snowmobile Open House Days in the region January 14-15, 2023

  1. Ice Fishing Day

    When the lake is frozen, it’s the perfect time to enjoy ice fishing. You can choose a spot and try your luck with a fishing line (or several) to catch a freshwater species. Pike, walleye, burbot, trout, and even fishing outfitters are available to help you get started with this activity.

Pêche blanche

Crédit photo MRCT

Winter Shopping

To stay warm during all these outdoor activities, visit T.S.C à Ville-Marie for winter essentials and cozy apparel.

Winter Flavors to Savor

There are plenty of choices to indulge in the flavors of the region during winter. From sweet to savory, there’s something for everyone’s taste. Visit our section of local product to experience the delectable winter treats and local delights. To learn the stories behind each agroprocessor in our beautiful region, otherwise, here are some suggestions:

  1. Explore Restaurants

Always delightful to savor the hospitality, local products, and overall ambiance of a region. Experience these unique sensations firsthand:

La Bannik

Le bistro St-Anne
Le restaurant du Motel Louise

le rendez-vous des Quinze
Chez Maxime
Piquan-T ‘Las Rebelas’
Le Motel Coutu

L’Éden Rouge (Table champêtre) (Reservation required for the Winter Banquet on January 14th, as well as the Special Valentine’s Day services on February 16th-17th and 18th.)

  1. Relaxation in a Cozy Accommodation

    These are the perfect places to unwind and spend time with family or as a couple. Exploring the region is so captivating and exciting that you’ll need a place to settle in and let the magic of winter envelop you. A cottage on the edge of White Lake? Oh yes, with pleasure!

Here are a few rapid suggestions

La Bannik, le camp du Grassy Narrow, le domaine Temikami, Taggart Bay Lodge

Vue sur le Lac du chalet du Saule

Crédit photo Bannik Joey Hardy

11- SURPRISE! The top 10 has become a top 11. A great way to feel like you’re in a holiday movie and impress social media with magical viewpoints. Here are the enchanting viewpoints of Témiscamingue.

  • The corner of Royaume des Cèdres (St-Bruno-de-Guigues)
  • Marina de Ville-Marie
  • Grotte de Ville-Marie
  • Pointe-aux-roches (Latulipe)
  • Sentier de la Bannik (Duhamel-Ouest)
  • ATV/Snowmobile trail departing from Fabre
  • Kipawa Lake and River (Laniel)
  • Lac Témiscamingue (City of Temiscaming)
  • Marina de Kebaowek (Kipawa)
  • Sentier de la Grande Chute at Opémican National Park (Laniel)
  • Montée Fraser (Angliers) after a snowfall, with trees laden
  • The edge of the dam during frosty weather (Angliers)
  • Pedestrian trail at Pavillon des Quinze (Moffet)
  • Observation tower – Chalet des As – Club plein air Cameron (St-Eugène-de-Guigues)
  • Pointe-aux-roches Park, with its four viewpoints overlooking Lac-des-Quinze (Latulipe)
  • Chute-à-Ovide, especially at the beginning of thaw (Latulipe)

These breathtaking viewpoints in Témiscamingue will make you feel like you’re living in a winter wonderland!

Sentier de l'entrevent Laverlochère

Crédit photo Comité de Laverlochère-Angliers


The activities will also take place during the winter! Your next appointments are coming up soon, so mark these on your calendar:


Banquet hivernal à l’Éden Rouge

La fête des tuques (Latulipe)

Le Carnaval de Lorrainville

 Spécial Saint-Valentin de l’Éden Rouge

Festival du poisson d’Angliers

March :
La marche aux flambeaux (Latulipe)

Défi château de neige 2023That’s great to hear! A dog park is open for you to go and discover some furry friends. Located at 35 St-Joseph Sud Street in Lorrainville! Enjoy some quality time with the adorable dogs in the park!

To explore more winter opportunities in Témiscamingue, visit:

Texte : Lysandre Rivard (tourism development MRCT) 

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