image de l'église tirée de la murale située à Laniel au Témiscamingue
Murale de Laniel - église

extrait de la grande murale de Laniel

Year : 2012

Photo credit : Commission culturelle témiscamienne

The Historical Mural of Laniel

With the aim of showcasing the history and heritage of the locality, an immense 110-meter historical mural was created along the promenade, an old railway line transformed into a pedestrian trail that runs through Laniel.

The mural highlights 13 historical scenes, including the old covered bridge, the train, the 1933 school, and more. It was brought to life by the talented artists Carol Kruger and Francine Marcotte in 2012.

Through vibrant colors and intricate details, the mural captures the essence of Laniel’s past, providing a captivating journey through time for all who behold it. Each scene tells a unique story, reflecting the significant milestones and cherished memories that have shaped the community.


2PVJ+6C Laniel, Québec, Canada




Heritage element



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