circuit des conduites forcées situé à Témiscaming au Témiscamingue
Circuit des conduites forcées

circuit historique situé à Témiscaming

Year : 2019

Photo credit : Marie-Pier Valiquette

Forced pipelines Circuit

The penstock circuit of Témiscaming has left a mark on the urban landscape of the city and the collective memory of Témiscaming residents for several decades, either through their imposing size or by the way they segmented the city.

The interpretation circuit of the penstocks in Témiscaming retraces the history of these former conduits that transported water from the Lumsden Dam to supply the Kipawa hydroelectric power plant on Lake Témiscamingue. It provides a description of all the archaeological remains related to the hydroelectric industry. The circuit highlights the interpretative potential of this hydroelectric heritage, particularly the water conduits that were a defining element of Témiscaming’s urban landscape for half a century.

*Information taken from the website.

The circuit is accessible through the tourist kiosk of the city of Témiscaming located at the Gare Museum (15 Humphrey Street).


15 Rue Humphrey, Témiscaming, QC, Canada




Heritage element



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