September 30, 2023

Témis Ultra

Unlike Cross Country where the emphasis is placed on speed, ultramarathons, on the other hand, focus much more on the distance to be covered, and to do so, one must run/walk with ease of breathing and embrace the present moment.

While we do create a competitive environment to encourage self-improvement, our main goal is to provide a pleasant setting to enjoy the great outdoors together and support each other in our goals. There is no pressure to perform, and everyone manages their race as they wish. Whether it’s running or walking with poles, it’s perfectly fine to complete only 10km in 12 hours. I guarantee you’ll love the warm atmosphere of the event, a gathering for outdoor enthusiasts!

Secteur Rivière Kipawa du Parc Opémican, Laniel temisultra@hotmail.com 581 888 4493 https://temisultra.com/ Facebook

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